Live like Elin


16 Sep Live like Elin

Today we celebrate the release of the book about our superwoman Elins adventures as a pilot in far remote Indonesia. This woman has landed her plane in the middle of a tribal war, swam with whale sharks and surfed perfect remote waves the rest of us can only dream about. We managed to catch up with her in between flights:


Hey Elin, your book just came out. How come it got written?

Well, it started with all the strange and funny things that happened at work. We laughed all day every day and said ”We should write a book about this!” and then one day a friend of mine called me up and asked if he could write a article about me which i agreed on. I had no idea that it would end up on the cover on Dagens Industri and what commotion it would start. After that article i got the proposal to write a book about my adventures and that felt like my chance to maybe inspire someone else to go out there and explore the world. Its been a real emotional  roller coaster ride writing about all the things thats happened. I want to sit and look through the book when im old with a smile on my face from all the fond memories.

What was the best parts about being a jungle pilot?

The adventures and the freedom. To be able to travel back in time and land on little gravel patches up in the mountains. Meeting isolated village people with a bow and arrow only wearing a penis wrap one day and then scouting perfect surf along the coast the next. The aviation part of it was really fun and challenging with extreme weather and difficult runways out in the jungle or on a mountain. But the best part was the fellowship. It was a wild and strange bunch of wonderful people that i got to share four wonderful years with.


Elin on a glassy right hander all by herself in far remote Indonesia. Photo: Mamma Larsson


Looking for surf spots from an airplane must be heaven. Did you find any unsurfed from the airplane you later surfed?

Absolutely! We were very spoiled with perfect empty lineups that peeled really close to were we lived. We always did a surf check on our last flight of the day and saw the direction of the swell and what spots that was going off. Having a plane to do surf checks from is just perfect.

What are you up to now and what are youre future plans?

Right now im flying a little private jet around Europe. It may sound a bit glamorous bit its pretty hard work. Long work days and nights. During summer we get very little time off but the actuall airplane is fantastic. Its like a little space ship. Im planing on working a bit less this autumn and spending some time at my house im renting in Inverness, Scotland. I just fel in love with the country and i think its like a little mini version of New Zeeland (maybe just with a bit more rain and with good whiskey instead of wine). My plan is to climb as many of the 282 Munros (mountains over 1000 meters) and find as much cold water surf as possible.


Thank you Elin. See you in the water soon!